Welcome to Saits for preschools and after-school centres

Log in with your e-identification using the link below.

On this page, you can submit applications for preschools and after-school centres, specify the basis for placement, provide income information, cancel your place or provide contact information.

Log in to submit or change the information, then go to "My Page".

If you are a registered resident in the municipality and have e-identification, you can submit your application by logging in. In that case, your own and your child's information is already filled in.

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If you live in another municipality or you do not have e-identification, you submit your application without logging in. To begin a logged-in application, select the operation you are interested in (the tab Application for preschool or Application for after-school centre) and then fill out the form. You can also use a paper form to apply for a place.

More E-services in SAITS are found on the website.